The 2007 Alternative Energy Summit:

Powering Florida's Energy Independence


Congressman Tim Mahoney, Honorary Summit Chair


Jupiter, Florida

The Jupiter Beach Resort

August 27, 2007


Academic, industry and public sector leaders have been working together in search of new solutions to problems that at one time seemed insurmountable.  Dependence on energy from fossil fuels and the resulting impact on the environment is one such problem.  Spurred on by gasoline prices hovering at all-time highs, innovative research and revolutionary ideas to solve the world’s energy crisis are emerging at an increasing rate. With its multitude of alternative energy sources, Florida, America’s 4th largest state, is well positioned to play an important role in developing solutions for the world’s increasing energy needs.  Now the time has come to develop a comprehensive and executable plan to meet this potential.


On Monday, August 27, 2007 thought leaders who are developing solutions to energy problems will gather to explore the role that Florida will play in the dynamic field of alternative energy.  The one-day conference will provide the public an opportunity to participate in an interactive dialogue on how the alternative energy industry can redefine the economic landscape.  It will unite leaders from across the spectrum, including universities, business and government.  Above all, it will galvanize the existing efforts to establish Florida as the geographical center in the Southeast for the development of alternative energy sources.


Specifically, participants in the conference will discuss the alternative energy solutions being developed by Florida’s research institutions; the alternative energy solutions currently available to consumers; the trends and hot areas for investment in alternative energy; and the possible funding opportunities resulting from potential state and federal legislation.


The format of the summit will combine presentations by experts, workshops, panel sessions, and an interactive technology called eFORUM designed to collect instant feedback from summit participants and identify action steps and plans.  Following the summit, a report will be published on-line to encourage and facilitate future action on the priorities agreed upon at the summit. These priorities include:


Establishing Florida as the geographical center in the Southeast for the development of alternative energy sources;


Creating an environment that stimulates innovation in the alternative energy field;


Attracting, retaining and growing targeted businesses in the alternative energy field; and


Promoting scientific advancements in the alternative energy field.


The summit will be coordinated by the Public Forum Institute, an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization that has considerable experience with similar efforts.  For further information, contact Brenden Chaney at 202 467-2778 or at or visit