REP Alert: McCain Gives Climate Speech


May 12, 2008


Take Action!

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Dear Fellow REP Member:


REP is helping John McCain's campaign shape his environmental platform and build support for it. This is an extraordinary opportunity for all of us at REP to help elect the greenest Republican president we have had for a long time.


Today Senator McCain gave a tremendously important speech in Oregon about the critical importance of dealing with climate change, one of the highest priority issues facing America today.

We want to let Americans know about this landmark speech and encourage Senator McCain in his efforts to make addressing climate change a national priority. 


Never before has REP had such a tremendous opportunity to move our party in the right direction on the environment. The full speech is posted on our website at:


Also, REP is working to put the McCain campaign in touch with conservation-minded Republicans who want to help Senator McCain advance his pro-environment agenda. Please shoot me an email to if you are willing to help in any way.


Thanks, and please contact us if you have questions.

Martha Marks