Biofuels industry ignites potential


July 30, 2009


By Dana Jones



There's tremendous opportunity in the creation of biofuels. And the opportunity isn't some abstract, hopeful future as some might portray. It's a real tangible opportunity that is bankable for Florida and Florida businesses.

Can your business be part of what is about to happen? You need to find out.

On Wednesday, the Florida Biofuels Association, in association with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Office of Energy and Climate Change, and the Florida Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development, held a strategic meeting to jump-start the Florida biofuels industry. Leaders and experts talked about the opportunities and obstacles, the ways to win and the things that need to change to make it all work, like centralizing initiatives between public and private enterprises.

Florida has incredible environmental and economic potential. Our strong agricultural industry has feedstock and byproducts that can fuel our alternatives. This industry will create more jobs, better jobs and green jobs.

Better still, with homegrown biofuels we can lower costs, reduce harmful emissions and keep money in the state that would otherwise be invested elsewhere. Florida businesses would be stimulated, revived and offered a great opportunity to become leaders in the transition to alternative fuels.

Florida businesses, investors and entrepreneurs interested in biofuels need to get educated on the potential of this emerging industry. Why? Because biofuels are clean, less costly and can revolutionize Florida business in a real way.

The strategic meeting will inspire change and push Florida to stop talking and start doing.

To learn more about the Florida BioFuels Association, visit www.flbiofuels.org.


Source: http://www2.tbo.com/content/2009/jul/30/na-biofuels-industry-ignites-potential/news-opinion-commentary/