Press Rlease from DEP - DEP Secretary Addresses Climate Change conference

2007-05-10 HTML

I know you, like me, have concerns about the preservation of our natural resources...

2007-03-08 HTML

It is worth noting that the dramatic rise in our insurance premiums....

2007-03-06 HTML

I too am one of your constituents and live in Glades County....

2007-02-23 HTML

The presentation Tuesday seemed to go off quite well....

2007-02-22 HTML

Another Open Letter to Senator Dave Aronberg

2007-02-21 HTML

In response to the Curtis Morgan story on Feb 10 about FPLís plan to build a coal power plant, not everyone in Glades County...

2007-02-11 HTML

Last Friday morningís drop in temperatures coincided with a power loss in Buckhead Ridge that was brought to my attention .....

2007-02-07 HTML

An Environmental View of Coal

2007-01-31 HTML

TECO Polk IGCC Visit

2007-01-29 PDF

Minutes of the Glades County Board of County Comissioners

2006-12-12 HTML

My Favorite clean green lump

2006-12-10 HTML

Capece Letter to Glades EDC

2006-10-05 HTML

Proposed EDC Resolution Amendments by Capece

2006-10-01 HTML


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