This is the beginning only:

  1. Polk IGCC Power Plant was built to provide a modularity and fuel flexibility. So, the combine cycle unit can be operated on different fuels such as natural gas, fuel oil. What is the efficiency of suchmethod? How long takes to change the unit on every kind of energy carrier (fuel)?

  2. What is the % of imported coil for Tampa Power Plant?What type of coil is more preferred and more used?

  3. TECO Power Services Corporation operates two more plants firing natural gas: one of them is NGCC in Hardee County (295 MWe) and another 78 MWe in Gautemala. What was the main reason to turn natural gas on SYNGAS for Tampa Power Plant? (Actually the answer is clear but it would be interesting to hear from them)

  4. Is the dealing with General Electric company to supply with the gas turbines/combined-cycle equipment is more profitable than with other world trade brands? Siemens for instance.

  5. How long the coal reserve on a site can provide the plant with the fuel without coal import due one or another reason? How long takes to shut down the gasifier. The same with the starting. Are there any extra emissions happened during this process?

  6. Is the main reason of using the entrained-flow oxygen blown gasifier to support the higher temperature gas for HRSG supplying ?



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